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The extreme Florida weather wreaks havoc on roofs, especially with the intense summer heat followed by the tropical storm season. There comes a point when continual roof repairs aren’t enough to protect your home from the elements. This is when home owners should consider replacing their worn down roofs.

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What often prevents people from this option is cost. Most home owners have the assumption that roof replacement services will break the bank. This is not necessarily the case. A careful roof inspection can assess the condition of your Houston roof, and determine the scope of work needed to keep your home safe.

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  • Quality We Ensure

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We’re Providing Quality
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For over 5+ years, Newedge Roofing has been providing the precision, high quality roof repair and roof replacement services in the Lakemary and neighborhood area. As a family owned and operated business, serving the area, we are known for being a reputable, trustworthy and dependable company for roofing services.

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